About Zycon Models

My name is Dan Goins. I started this business the day Classic Construction Models announced the Caterpillar Classic Collection. A limited run brass 12 piece set of Caterpillar construction equipment models in 1/87th scale. Zycon Models evolved from this starting point in 1995. I eventually became president of the 1/87 Vehicle Club (www.1-87vehicles.org) and part owner of Lonestar Models (www.lonestarmodelsinc.com) .

Zycon Models is a retail operation that is both web and direct mail/phone based. It allows my many customers a one-stop shopping opportunity for the many unique items that I sell. I am currently an authorized dealer for many model manufactuers such as Classic Construction Models, Lonestar Models, Sword Models, Overland Models, Norscot Models and Ton just to name a few. Zycon Models has produced custom projects that are either exclusive brass model runs or custom built limited run multi-media items. Upcoming new item from various sources are usually featured on the home page on the Zycon Models website; this keeps my customers informed of unique new releases that I will carry. I work with my customers as far in advance as possible. As soon as I am cleared by a manufacturer to release information on a new project, I begin to accept pre-orders which in many cases is without knowing delivery dates or prices. By giving me your initial pre-order you are helping the manufacturer gauge interest in their projects. It gets your order locked in so if it is a limited run item you will not miss out. As for payment I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, money orders, wire transfers and, for domestic customers, personal or company checks.
If you have 1/87th, 1/50th scale or any other scale heavy equipment models you want to remove from your collection I can sell them for you through Ebay. My commission charge is 40%. It should be noted that any items that you want me to sell on your behalf need to be shipped to me in Irving, TX so that I can properly process your for sale items. You are responsible for inbound freight charges. Once your items arrive I handle all aspects of the sale for you including digital photography, listing on Ebay, payment collection from the buyer and, of course, shipping to the new owner. I have over 12,000 positive feedbacks on Ebay and I am designated a Power Seller.

If there is a particular model you are looking for but have not been able to find, I provide a wait list database so that if I am able to locate that particular model you will be notified first before it goes to the open market. This is called a wait list. It is a non binding product search request. Some items on the Zycon Models website are no longer available except on the open market but are still popular search items so they are included on the website even though I do not have inventory but have a wait list designation to make it easier to request a search. The wait list is not restricted to just these items; you can make a request for any item that you may be having trouble locating. Just send me an email along with as much information you have on the item you are searching for and I will add your item to my internal wait list.

I also provide on a contract basis research service for companies that are interested in producing scale replicas. I can also act as a project manager to go beyond the research stage. This can include licensing, lining up and acting as liaison with a builder overseas, reviewing drawings and hand sample stages of production development. The fees are based on the complexity of the project. Clients I have worked for include notable manufactures Cummins Engine Company, Classic Construction Models, Norscot, Athearn Trains, Sword Models, WSI and, of course, Lonestar Models and Classic Mint Collectibles. These projects required working with OEM or End Users such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Mammoet, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Heil, Talbert, Union Pacific RR, and Cummins to name a few.

I trust you will find my product line interesting and welcome you as a customer.